Hi, I'm Brian Yee

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me.  

I'm a firm believer of the "cup half-full" mindset.  I believe in order to solve or have the next big idea, it requires a sincere passion for empathy.  For me, this often happens while I'm reading or spending time with family and friends.  It's those deep personal connections that make us feel human.  That next big idea requires us to look beyond just the thought or the intent of the user, it requires a true passion of investing in people.  It's a different kind of empathy, a different mindset.

We need to move away from just thoughts and hypothesis to something that becomes a part of us... we need to be convicted.  A conviction to build meaningful products that truly help people.  It has to be personal, it has to be visceral. 

I've always said, "We need to be driven by passion, and led by conviction.  Success starts with having the right mentality."  Welcome to my idea factory and to who I am.  Let's bring those ideas to life, together.

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